Rubber Roof Repair Kansas City, MO.

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Rubber Roof Repair Kansas City, MO.

NOVEMBER 25, 2017

EPDM roof, known as a rubber roof is very durable and takes abuse of hail and harsh Kansas City, MO weather very well. It is applied to a variety of roof deck substrates. Sometimes it is used as a first roof option. Other times it’s used as a reroof solution. EPDM has a great life expectancy. Under ideal conditions 30 to 50 years

It can be mechanically fastened, which is a great way to fasten it down. But limits its forgiveness as it cures out on your roof. Which can create fastener holes to tear out. And put stress on your seams, which results in seam failures.

It also maybe attached around the perimeter of your roof. Then have smooth rocks put on top to keep wind from getting underneath it and lifting it off your roof. Rocks slow down your water flow and also add tons of weight on your roof. But also, allows the rubber to cure out without as much stress on the seams.

When you find yourself in need of a professional to fix your EPDM roof give SLV Roofing Service a call at (660) 322 1375. We install and repair rubber roofs throughout the greater Kansas City, MO area. We are looking forward to using Conklin Roofing Systems to keep your EPDM roof from going to the landfill as your neighbor’s roof did. Using Conklin Roofing Systems, we stop the UVs from continuing to deteriorate your rubber roof. We are a factory trained and certified. And a 2016 Conklin Preferred contractor. We are looking forward to solving your roof problems.

Did a really good job!

Was good at follow up and making any small corrections which were needed. Definitely would recommend!

Forrest N

I would highly recommend SLV Roofing Service

Paul arrived at my remote mountain cabin as scheduled and did a fantastic job repairing multiple roof leaks. He has diligently followed up since the repair. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Todd N

Great customer service

Great customer service.

Harry R

Great company to do business with

This is a great company to do business with. We are happy with our roof covering.

Dorothy B

I would recommend this system

Last fall we put on our 13th Conklin roof since 1983 – and all are without a leak. This is a multi-million dollar development; some fo the condominiums sell for over $300,000. We can’t afford leaks. I would recommend this system to anyone with a flat roof that doesn’t want to be bothered with leaks.

Ken H
Conklin Client

Great job!

They were on time, did a great job, and the roof looks wonderful… and all at a very good price. I am very happy with SLV Roofing. I waited less than a week from the time they contacted me till the work was done! I would highly recommend them!

Carol G
Hardin, MO

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